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Happy Monday Night everyone! I had to change the day of my blog entry to Monday because life is soooo hectic! Babysitting my beautiful baby niece, having my brother in law visit from Kansas, and having two sick little ones...its been busy alright! Even now its late, but i just havent had the opportunity for some quiet time...But I have a really easy DIY that hopefully goes as smoothly for you as it did for me! You can substitute materials I use here for ones you have around your house as well if you dont have what I listed so dont worry! Be creative! Also going to give some information on another USHS doll and answer 2 more questions! So buckle up its gonna be a fast one today! TEA TABLE  Supplies: Cloth of any color/design clips scissors modge podge/White glue prescription pill container / object of similar shape and height (if needed) trim sewing supplies/ hot glue gun clips Ok so something really simple, really fast, and hopefully super help

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