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Hi! What a very busy day today! But I am ready to dish as much as I can on here for you guys! today on my Instagram page I asked if there were any particular topics I should discuss and boy I got tons of responses! So Im going to break them up into segments because some require a lot of discussion while others don't. Hopefully I can get to it all promptly - I have to apologize now  because I have been away from computers for so long that I forgot how to use one! So I have to get used to this blogging thing. Thanks for sticking with me through this.

Today's blog is going to go over more in detail about how to make a miniature bird feeder and then I will have a Q/A at the end where I will answer some questions that were asked! So prepare to look around your house because everything I make I use things I have already or something super cheap to get. And now you will be able to do it too! Nothing better than saving money and having minis right? And those two usually don't go t…

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