Happy Monday Night everyone! I had to change the day of my blog entry to Monday because life is soooo hectic! Babysitting my beautiful baby niece, having my brother in law visit from Kansas, and having two sick little ones...its been busy alright! Even now its late, but i just havent had the opportunity for some quiet time...But I have a really easy DIY that hopefully goes as smoothly for you as it did for me! You can substitute materials I use here for ones you have around your house as well if you dont have what I listed so dont worry! Be creative! Also going to give some information on another USHS doll and answer 2 more questions! So buckle up its gonna be a fast one today!



Cloth of any color/design
modge podge/White glue
prescription pill container / object of similar shape and height (if needed)
sewing supplies/ hot glue gun

Ok so something really simple, really fast, and hopefully super helpful. I always loved those tea tables , or side tables where the cloth just fell so wonderfully. And anytime I wanted to get one , they were ate least 25$ ....sooooo I decided to try to see how I could make one! I doubt this idea s original but even if it isnt, I wanted to share with you my discoveries through experimentation! 
Now you may already have a table that you can use, but if you don't you can use a prescription pill container, or even possibly a thread spool or something similar will do! just look around and see what you have :). If you use a spool you will have to have a circular top as well dont forget!
Ok so once you have your container you will want to paint it so the marks and colors dont show through. if your cloth design is dark enough though you may be able to skip that part! its up to you!

next with your cloth you will have to trace out a circle to cut, my cloth was a pillow case i found at my local thrift shop! and for the circle : I used a baby plate!..depending on the height your going for you may be able to use a bowl as well! experiment experiment!
So once you have that traced, cut it out and get ready to make another decision....with the trim that you have chosen you can either sew it or you can hot glue gun it on... totally up to you; both ways work just fine. I found trim on clearance and actually cut it to suit my needs..
now attach it to that circular piece of cloth using whichever method you choose!

next you will get a bowl  mixed half and half water and modge podge....and soak that cloth!

Once its soaked well you can squeeze a little out and form it on top of your pill container/table/spool/etc. create the folds and with each or every other , put a clip to hold in place. you will want to also place everything on something to catch all the drops of water:)

Here I actually set it on a trial and error piece of cloth :)

I let it dry for about 30 min before touching it, and it was pretty firm! Of course the longer you wait the more firm it will be ! and Thats it folks! super easy right?  :)

USHS DOLL :  Margaret Mitchell

A very big favorite half doll of mine is Margaret Mitchell. She was the author of Gone With the Wind, and here she is wearing the same gown she wore to the premiere of the movie! Since she is also technically a Gone with the Wind collectors piece she is my most valuable dol1. She is displayed in one of the Gone with the Wind Museums and sells online anywhere from $300 to $600! She is a beauty for sure and I am so very fond of her! Also an update, I haven't heard back yet from Susan Sirkis but shes still on vacation so hopefully I have some news for next weeks blog!


~Where do you find all your dollhouses? Do you make them all?

I have found almost all of my dollhouses from Craigslist or from apps like OfferUp and LetGo. I renovate them to my style! there are others that Ive built, but mostly they are Renovation projects! 

~ Can you teach me how to find stuff like yours?

I would love to help everyone! Im trying to hopefully give as much information as I can about where I get things and if you every have a question feel free to ask! It really does depend on how much time and effort you put into the search, but with hard work it pays off! I've described in previous blogs how I treasure hunt so check them out and get back to me if you ever have any other questions!:)

I also wanted to say...OMGGGG I reached 10K on IG! its just so unbelievable! And I must thank you all! Ive been waiting for this milestone to have a giveaway...so that will be announced this week...and the giveaway item will be your choice of USHS Doll , A polymer Clay Food item, or a piece of Vintage Furniture...not sure yet but if you have a preference just let me know on my IG page! and thank you all again for reading my little blog, and for being a part of My Dollhouse Passion!


  1. I found your draping instructions to be nicely outlined and easy to follow. I have only recently begun using those big clips and found that they are ideal for maintaining the folds whilst the tablecloth dries-really loven' it! :D


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